Max Rudberg
Aug 23

✎ Black Status Bar in iOS 6 Gives Apps Slightly Rounded Corners

Jordan Borth noticed that apps such as Tweetbot running under iOS 6 b4 (Mitch Bernstein says it’s been in all betas) got a 2.5 pt corner radius added on top of it. Jordan says this only happens when the developer has chosen the black status bar style.

I’ve written about this previously:

The black status bar has become increasingly popular among app makers and designers such as myself because it blends nicely with black hardware, and allows for nice rounded corners around the app, making the app feel like it’s own “unit”. This thinking was pioneered by Palm with the Palm Pre which made heavy use of this design choice throughout the OS, making things like notifications appear to happen on the hardware bezel.

Apple must agree with this thinking. What both Jordan and me found a bit disappointing is the exact radius the’ve chosen; 2.5 pt or 5 retina pixels, which is really quite tiny. I’ve always kept the radius to 5 pt (10 retina px). Sparrow even has double that, 10 pt (20 retina px). So this slight corner radius won’t be very noticeable. Dean Mayers hopes for some added consistency:

The radius size is stranger because notification centre has bigger corners. 10px I think

But since they’re essentially forcing this on apps with the black status bar, they probably wouldn’t want to make it too in-your-face as it does change the character of an app quite a bit. 

And if you prefer the larger radius, you can still add it manually like you’ve used to.

Worth noticing is that the corner radius is on a system level, so if the app allows you to move the navigation bar out of place, it will become obvious that it’s not the bar itself that is rounded. Such as in Safari:

Thanks to Jordan Borth for the discovery and screenshots!

Erik Olsson adds:

This will end with completely round apps in a few years :)

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