Max Rudberg
Jan 21

✎ iOS 7 Icon Template

Big update to my iOS 7 icon template, so big I decided it worthy of its own domain –

The template now lets you view your icon in a Home screen and App Store mockup, as well as select any of the default wallpapers to make sure your icon always looks its best.

I felt it wasn’t right to just include screenshots of those screens, so I redrew them pixel for pixel. This means you can study the default iOS 7 icons and borrow shapes and layer styles for your own icon.

They’re very close to the original icons, a few pixels differ here and there, but probably not something most people would pick up on. In some places they are superior, as I noticed the Passbook icon had uneven distributed cutouts in one the orange shape. Not so in my version. And the settings icon is better conformed to the pixel grid.

As before, the template is made for Photoshop CC, optimized for Retina displays and ready for Slicy.

If you find this to be a valuable resource, be sure to make a donation to keep it alive. Thank you!

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