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Apr 2

Photoshop action: Remove compositing artifacts & banding

A while back, Marc Edwards tweeted:

8 bits per channel really isn’t enough colour resolution, even for fairly basic compositing (note the banding)

Only now I realized I should probably share one of my daily actions I use in Photoshop. Like Marc, I work in 8-bits/channel, which I think most designers still do. With this bit depth, you will eventually run into compositing artifacts such as banding.

What this simple action does is convert the selected layers into a smart object, then change that smart object to 16-bit depth. When a 16-bit smart object is placed inside an 8-bit document, Photoshop compensates for the lower bit rate with dithering and your banding likely disappear. The last thing the script does is add a subtle noise – but this is entirely optional and often you get just as good as a result or better if you disabled the noise filter.

A downside to this method that each smart object you create this way will increase the file size of the document.

The upsides to this way of working is that you get the speed benefit & filters from working in 8-bit, with the compositing benefits of 16-bit.

Download the action here

Sep 8

✎ Corner Radiuses of iOS Icons at Different Sizes

I still see icons getting this wrong, and there is some misinformation about which numbers to follow. Hicksdesign has the accurate numbers, and they are as follows:

Icon512.png                   512px           89.825

Icon.png                         57px             10

Icon@2x.png                  114px           20

Icon-72.png                   72px             12.632

Icon-72@2x.png            144px            25.263

Icon-Small.png               29px             5.088

Icon-Small@2x.png        58px             10.175

An easy rule of thumb if you want to create a matching inner radius is to subtract the spacing from the outer shape from the corner radius. Ie, if I make a roundrect at 57x57 with 10 px radius (the standard iPhone shape), then make an inner shape that’s 49x49, 4 px from the edges, the matching corner radius would be 6 px (10-4 = 6).

Jun 18